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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baramati—Declaration of New Freedom!

(Quiet India—Horn NOT OK Please!)

--Report by Robin Redull. January 26, 2008.

Baramati in Maharashtra State Declared a Republic Day of a different kind on Saturday. It declared Freedom from HONKING OF HORN in its Quiet India initiative, HORN NOT OK PLEASE. From chief inspector of Police and Deputy Revenue officer, leading business persons and ladies, down to town boys of the Street Hawks motorcyclist’s brigade, more than 80 motor bikes with over 100 people quietly and purposefully led a major rally through the town centre on a 5.0 km circuit.

After a two minute “Quiet Time”, giving the campaigners peace within, they proceeded in double file behind a large banner, and with no overtaking or honking the long serpent of motor bikes brought Baramati to a standstill, with towns people applauding and cheering, whilst others were clearly puzzled. Fellowship was enjoyed by everyone involved being aware that their Care for India efforts through the broader MRA Initiatives of Change were gradually bringing to an end the noise pollution in this thriving town.

Emblazoned with canary yellow printed tee shirts, the serpent of bikes was clearly distinguishable in the town melee. Plans are afoot to bring this campaign to Mumbai after recent successes in Pune and Solapur. The Crystal Group and Street Hawks promised to carry this message throughout India on their future tours.

Ghandiji led Quit India campaign, the freedom campaign from Empire. However, Quite India campaign leader Vipul Shaha of Pandare village stated that “Quietness is of benefit to us all, and rudeness and bullying by motor cyclists and all drivers must come to an end” leading us all to freedom from unnecessary noise.

Street Hawk leader Pranav Soman, who previously had smashed his leg in a motor cycle accident, stated that “Our choice is courteousness and safety, or recklessness and death on the road”. Campaign initiator Robin Redsull of UK, last week having attended a fatal accident near Pandare with Abhay Shaha late at night stated that “For one second of waiting, one man had killed his pillion passenger in less than a second. Was this a fair price to pay for impatience?”

The campaigners thanked the entire town and its people at the rally end in Station Yard for being so patient and attending to the rally. Quiet India – HORN NOT OK PLEASE. Remember it. Do it!

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  1. Hi Robin. Loved your talk this morning at Cell Group Coffee Morning. Very interesting.
    Marian Dean