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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mumbai Goes Quieter! April 7 Declared as No Honking Day!

All those who have believed in the cause of a Quieter India--No Unncessary Honking, this is a moment to rejoice! The Mumbai Traffic Police have started carcking down on honking law offenders. To spread awareness on the issue, the World Health Day (April 7) will be observed as 'No Honking Day' in Mumbai. Let us all join hands and promote the same in our own cities. Please visit the following links to know more--

1. http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JTS8yMDA4LzAzLzA3I0FyMDA0MDE=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

2. http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JTS8yMDA4LzAzLzA3I0FyMDA0MDI=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom


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