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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mission Peace: Bangalore: Stop the Noise!

Bangalore is marching ahead as a quieter city. Check this out!


Harmful effects of noise include:

• Loss of hearing
• Increase in blood pressure
• Sleep disturbances
• Heightened irritability
• Digestion problems

The 10th of every month is now No Honking Day in Bangalore. On 28th April 2010, International Noise Awareness Day, Mission Peace in association with Karnataka Police launched a monthly No Honking Day for Karnataka State.


• Use horn only when absolutely
necessary; use cut-out for
reverse-horn, especially in silent
zones and during the night.

• Not use shrill or multi-tone or
multi-blow horns.

• Fix the silencer of our twowheelers
or four-wheelers.

• Avoid travelling in autorickshaws
with tampered silencers.

• Switch off loudspeakers beyond
permitted hours.

If you believe in the cause, sign the pledge to curb noise pollution:


Contact us for an anti-honking sticker for your shop or vehicle.

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