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Monday, November 18, 2013

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One of the most irritating things that you can encounter while driving on the road is when a car behind you keeps on honking his or her horn at you for no apparent and obvious reason. Admit it, sometimes you do get angry when someone honks their car horns at you and at some point you actually used your horn when you get mad at another driver. But what are some of the specific proper uses of your car's horn? Is there really a right time to use them? Let me share some based on my experience. 

I usually honk my horn when I need to tell someone that I'm there. This is especially common for pedestrians or other cars when they're in front of me. I really am irritated by pedestrians who just do not look either way when they cross the road. In addition to that, they sometimes intentionally walk slowly. The same goes for dogs, bicycles and motorcycles. You can also use it in front of a house or a meeting place to alert someone that you're already there. 

Sometimes, other drivers tend to drive really slowly and they tend to obstruct the road and induce heavy traffic behind them. This is fairly common on two way one-lane roads. I sound the horn to alert them that there is a line behind them and there are also other cars that need to pass through. Another similar situation is when you're at an intersection and the car in front does not move even when the light already turned to green. They probably are doing something else or are distracted so using a horn in this situation is perfectly fine. 

Another very important thing that I use the car horns for is to inform another driver that there's something wrong with his or her car. I sound the horn to get their attention and probably point at their flat tires, open doors, hanging objects and so on.  

Emergency situations are also significant instances where you need to use your horn. Along with your hazard light, headlights or blinker (if you're driving an emergency vehicle) the horn will alert other cars that you need to get to a place as soon as possible. Some do give way but some are just plain hard headed. 

On the other hand, you should not blow your car horns in areas such as hospitals, schools and churches unless it is very urgent like emergencies. These places require a quiet environment and should be respected. A lot of drivers disregard this though. 

In any case, your car's horn is a very effective way of communicating with other drivers on the road. It could prevent accidents or any other untoward incidents. Just be considerate and do not blow your horns just for fun especially if your car is outfitted with a powerful set of horns. Just be careful when using it as there are a lot of drivers who really are having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say. As for me, I don't use it unless I really need to.

Why is this important?

India is the only country where such advertising of ' Use Horn' 'Blow Horn' etc are commonly used from our primitive age till now. We are advised to blow horn as much as possible to avoid accident or may be for whatsoever reason. Now a days it is almost becoming a habit to blow horn even when it is not required at all. When the shrill horn irritates u in the traffic intersection or congestion, it also equally irritates others when u blow a horn when it is not required.

One of my friend came from Osaka,Japan and was a travel companion for 15 day or so in side Orissa.I guess, I made him irritated in the first few days of my driving with so big horn and many more.As usual he (MR.Wataru Takatani) was a cool guy and dint protest for few days.But suddenly during one small trip in side the city line he could not resist to educate me about the use of Horn.

He said,'' In Japan using Horn is a social offence and people dont use Horn at all." Just moment later I realised,why he said this to me. That means, I was ignorantly irritating him all throughout with the use of Horn.This happened 2 years before.Though I knew many a countries dont encourage people to use horn on road unless otherwise required,I dint know that this can also irritate others .Truly it irritates heavily.  

Believe me or not,since that incident with my Japanese friend  I have sincerely started practised not using horn while on road.To my amusement, my wife dint feel secure going with me as i dint use horn on road,my daughter also protested but I said " I HAVE IMPROVED MY DRIVING SKILL BY NOT USING HORN ON ROAD"

So u also try.U will feel good. Thank you.


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